That night it was obvious that something would changed. The streets were very quiet and empty. In fact, I can say that we were the only ones there.

I can’t remember how many people we are. I don’t know how strong we can be. In fact, I am not sure that we are powerful. I only know that I have to be there, in that place that belongs to me. That is now my goal. It has become the goal of everyone there.

- “There’s the sound of the crowd coming in the distance, can you hear it? ” someone shouted from the small gathering of people behind me.

My heart suddenly started pounding. I was not afraid, but I was not accustomed to such a situation. This was a first for me. In fact, it was a first for everyone there, whether I knew them or not…


…” - and a society not so irrational it did not very well know how much it depended on not seeing its traditions questioned, its foundations disturbed…” 


                                                                                  (John Fowles, A Maggot, 1985, p304, Back Bay Books)

Video by: Toygun Özdemir