Sabo lives and works in Istanbul. 

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                  2009 Transform in Art Education, Tophane-I Amire, ISTANBUL

                  2010 Mostra di Incisione ( Accademia Belle Arti Rome ), ROME

                  2010 Artist2010, 20th Istanbul Art Fair, ISTANBUL

                  2011 Rome Engraving, IZMİR

                  2011 Il Segno Condiviso, CKSM Art Gallery, ISTANBUL

                  2012 Rome-Foggia Fine Arts University Printing Exhibition,

                           Beyoglu Art Gallery, ISTANBUL

                  2013 Essl Art Award CEE, Tophane-I Amire, ISTANBUL

                  2013 First Viewing, artSümer, ISTANBUL

                  2014 Signs of Time II, Outher / Dream, Adahan Gallery -1, ISTANBUL

                  2014 ParlorParty, Gallery Tankut Aykut, ISTANBUL

                  2014 Signs of Time, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, ISTANBUL

                  2015 Signs of Time, Cross the Earth Her Head is on the Balcony,

                           Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL

                  2015 Signs of Time, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, ISTANBUL

                  2015 Alice, Maumau-Space Debris-Studio Kein, ISTANBUL

                  2016 MASTURBATION, Mixer Gallery, ISTANBUL

                  2016 The Mystery of Figure, Plato Sanat, ISTANBUL

                  2016 Design Bay, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, ISTANBUL

                  2017 YARIN, Gaia Gallery, ISTANBUL

                  2017 In a Break in Life, Adahan Gallery -1, ISTANBUL

                  2017 Signs of Time, BAHAR(Spring),

                           The Istanbul Off-site Project for Sharjah Biennial 13, ISTANBUL                          

2018 Red Bull Art Around, Arnavutköy / Ghosts, ISTANBUL

2018 Positive Space, American Hospital Operation Room Art Gallery, ISTANBUL

2019 (Solo Exhibition) PARACETAMOL, Versus Art Project, ISTANBUL

2019 “Paper” A Selection of Turkish Contemporary Art, Pilevneli Project, ISTANBUL



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